Semi – Automation Design Using Flow Injection Analysis System with Smart Phone for the Determination of Total Phenols in Wastewater




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Smart  phone  used  as  supporting  hardware  in  different applications  in  chemical  analysis are  becoming  increasingly  important  in  everyday  life. Rapid, easy, and  straightforward  analytical  system  flow injection analysis system for the determination of the total phenols was conducted using  4-aminoantipyrine  reagent.  The detection method was based on the reaction total phenols with reagent in the basic media and subsequent formation of a yellow color product. The samples or standard solutions were injection into a carrier stream to react with 4-aminoantipyrine reagent and ammonium chloride with ammonium hydroxide to give yellow color product, which was detected by spectrophotometer at 510 nm. The experimental condition such as flow rate of reagent and carrier, reagent volume, length of reaction coil and concentration of reagent were optimized. A good linear calibration curve in the range of 250-2000 mg L-1 was obtained with regression equation (y=0.0108 x + 0.3453), (R= 0.9989). The limit of detection was in the amount of 0.0112 mg L-1. The method was successfully applied for the determination of the total phenols in wastewater.


4-aminoantipyrine, Flow injection analysis, Reagent, Total phenols, Wastewater


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Semi – Automation Design Using Flow Injection Analysis System with Smart Phone for the Determination of Total Phenols in Wastewater



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