Influence of Digital Marketing on Purchase Decision

A Qualitative Study on Pakistani Customers


  • Sheikh Abdul Qadir Fareed Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology - Pakistan
  • Tamkeen Jabbar Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology - Pakistan
  • Syed Faraz Makhdoom Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology - Pakistan
  • Muhammad Nawaz Iqbal Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology - Pakistan



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Previous studies rarely focused on exploring the factors that influence Pakistani customers towards purchase decisions through digital marketing. This research will explore the factors that influence customer purchase decision in the Pakistan consumer market through digital marketing with the help of thematic analysis. This research will significantly drive implications for marketers over customer purchase decision and also helps the policymakers to identify the key factors for their specific products. The explored factors will also indicate customers’ behavioural approach of purchasing through digital marketing platforms. A qualitative research strategy has been embraced to lead this research exploration. Semi-structured interviews were conducted and thematic analysis was applied as a tool for this research after transcribing the interview data through NVivo QSR version 10. The themes are comprised of factors obtained during data analysis. The topics comprise Customer impulsivity is increased by digital marketing, price affects customers' buying decisions, the main variables influencing a customer's buying intention are social, psychological, personal, and cultural. Even though social impact influences decision-making in digital marketing, few studies have considered social influence in decision support systems since, until recently, social interaction data was not properly collected in digital marketing databases. Despite this, the clientele for digital marketing is gradually shifting from a transactional to a relationship-based culture.


Digital marketing, Impulsive behaviour, Pakistani customers , Purchase decision


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