Molecular Investigation of Salmonella spp from Broilers


  • Lobna Abdularaheem Shtaiwe Algburi Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University



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Salmonella sppare negative gram bacteria, rod-shaped; it belongs to Enterobacteriaceae family. Salmonella isa wide variety of species that causes many diseases in humans and animals. This investigation was carried out to study the molecular investigation of Salmonella spp from broilers. It was determined that approximately one hundred broilers were suffering from diarrhea, so feces and cloacal swabs were collected from them. These swabs were cultured on various media before sub-culturing on SS. agar and XLD. Following this, biochemical tests were performed to identify the bacteria. DNA extraction was carried out per the company's guidelines, and PCR was carried out to look for the invA gene, which is unique to Salmonella species. According to the findings, the percentage of individuals infected with Salmonella species was 17.39%. During this investigation, PCR was utilized to locate the invA gene, and out of the eight tested samples, Salmonella species were identified in 6 of them. Despite the severe and dangerous effects of the salmonella pandemic on the agricultural and economic sectors as well as on human health, the findings showed that the PCR method had a high specificity in detecting Salmonella sppwhen compared to other traditional methods of spotting the bacteria.


Broiler, Molecular, PCR, Salmonella


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