Case Study of the Sea Port Congestion in Cebu International Port

A Qualitative Study




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Congestion in international port is the result of globalization when products are made available around the world.  This study explored the experiences of stakeholders of international seaports on how they contributed to the phenomenon and the cause and effects of the congestion.  The study utilized the Exploratory Single Case Embedded design by Yin (2003) with triangulation between data collected from interview using purpose sampling technique, observation and documentation. The study resulted in 3 embedded units called clusters with identified themes.  The first cluster is on how the participants contribute to the congestion with 3 emergent themes; the cause of the congestion with 13 emergent themes and the effects of congestion with 9 emergent themes.  Recommendations include the formation of a council and an intervention plan.


Qualitative Exploratory Single Case Embedded design, Port Congestion, Cebu International Port, Philippines


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